Tax Relief on Medical Expenses

Tax Exemptions on Medical expenses.

Tax relief on Medical Expenses

If you incurred any medical expenses that are not covered by your Private health insurance or the state, then you could claim tax relief on some of those expenses.

Remember that you are only eligible to claim tax back if you are a taxpayer.

When Can You Claim Medical Expenses

Tax relief or Tax Credit can be claimed when you pay for your medical expenses by yourself or for any other person and was not able to recover those expenses from any other source then you are eligible to claim back tax on some of the expenses

If you already made the claim or are due to be received then you won’t be eligible to claim the relief.

What all expenses can be claimed as Tax relief ?

  • Expenses of doctors and consultants fees
  • Treatments recommended by the doctor or a consultant
  • Treatment in a hospital, clinic or a nursing home
  • Expense incurred for employing a qualified nurse at home
  • Expense of speech & language therapy carried out by a qualified therapist for a eligible child
  • Transport by ambulance
  • Expenses of educational psychological assessments carried out by a psychologist for a qualifying child
  • Treatment from a psychotherapist or psychologist 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Expenses incurred for a child suffering from a serious life-threatening illness
  • Expenses Kidney patients 
  • Dental treatments
  • Maternity care
  • In-vitro fertilisation (IVF)

The Following Tax credit can be availed if your doctor prescribed 

  • Drugs and medicines
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Orthoptic for example, treatments for squints and eye movement disorders or similar treatment 
  • Hearing aids
  • Orthopedic chair or bed
  • Wheelchair or wheelchair lift
  • Glucometer device for a diabetic
  • Engaging a qualified nurse in the case of a serious illness
  • Physiotherapy, chiropody services, or similar treatments
  • Cost of a computer where there is medical evidence that it is necessary to help a person with a severe disability to communicate
  • Cost of gluten-free food for people with coeliac disease and diabetic products for people with diabetes. Instead of a prescription, you can use a certificate from a doctor stating

Even though there are numerous health expenses that you could claim, the following are some Tax reliefs that are excluded.

  • Routine Dental Checkups
  • Routine Eye Care
  • Cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation or Botox treatment are excluded from tax relief (Note: Even though Tax Relief are available for procedures that correct a health issue or difficulties.)
  • Assistance and Guide Dog Cost

Can I claim Tax Relief on Medical treatment Received Outside Ireland?

Yes, you could claim a tax credit on health care received abroad. But If the treatment is available in Ireland you won’t be able to claim travel expenses.

If the medical treatment is only available outside Ireland then you can claim travel and accommodation expenses including the person who accompanies you if your condition requires it.

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