Are you Qualified for Dependent Relative Tax Credit in Ireland?

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Are you Qualified for Dependent Relative Tax Credit in Ireland?

  • 16 February
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Dependent Relative Tax Credit in Ireland is one of the most common tax refund option people are not aware of. It seems like we are ignoring the benefits of this scheme. As a matter of fact, most of the taxpayers who are qualified for this claim are totally unaware of it.

So let’s ask the “QUESTION” to yourself?

Are you someone who looks after a dependent relative?

If YES, you may be also eligible for a credit! In this article, we will walk you through the details about the Dependent Relative Tax Credit in Ireland.

So let’s begin.

What is Dependent Relative Tax Credit (DRTC)?

This is a type of tax credit you can claim for, provided if you are someone who maintains a relative at your own expense. You can claim this credit for your own family member, your civil partner or a spouse relative, etc.

What are the conditions to qualify DRTC?

The family member, your spouse’s or civil partner’s relative you claim for must be:

  • Old aged, who is not capable to maintain themselves
  • Widow father or mother, who is not capable to live for their own
  • Child, who lives with you, who you depend on because of your old age

How much refund you can claim from DRTC?

From 01 January 2021 onwards, you can claim a tax credit of €245 per dependent which is limited to maximum of 5 dependents. The value of this credit was increased in this year’s budget. Previously it was just €70. In simple terms, if you have to pay taxes of €1000 and if you have claimed the DRTC tax credit, then you would only need to pay an amount of €755.

How Refund Your Tax can help you in this?

You may not have claimed this credit till now; either you forget to do so or you may be unaware of this. Whatever be the reason, our most experienced tax experts can help you to find whether you are eligible for the credit or not. If you are eligible, if you have already paid your taxes, we will help you to claim the tax paid back. Our tax professionals will lead the way and make sure you receive your claim at the earliest.

Why should you choose Refund Your Tax for DRTC return?

We are the specialists in claiming DRTC and we are doing this for the past 10+ years. We follow a much simpler process and we will make sure you get a maximum claim in return. Our policy is NO REFUND, NO FEE! So there is nothing for you to lose but a handful of returns are waiting if you proceed with Refund Your Tax. 

So choose wisely and act accordingly. Grab your refund now with Refund Your Tax.


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