Claiming Your Tax Back from Revenue In Ireland made Simple

Claiming your tax back from Revenue made Simple

Is it really worth my time while applying for a tax refund? The most common question you ask again and again, to yourself.

You pay a lot of money as tax but never look back for refund options. The fact is, we have different variants of tax relief options such as Child Education Tax Refund, Family Tax Refund, Professional Tax Refund, etc. But most people are not sure whether they really be able to get a tax refund in Ireland.

But if you ask us, the answer will be a big YES!!

Our unmatched 10+ years of expertise in tax and related services has bought us the skills to have a comprehensive and exceptional understanding of the necessities of the Ireland financial and corporate landscape. That’s why our enthusiastic team offers a full array of tax related services to both individuals as well as corporate businesses according to their tax situations.

Who all can claim tax refund in Ireland?

Anybody in Ireland can claim for a tax refund, if they come under the following criteria. You can claim a tax refund in Ireland if:

• You have working/worked as a full-time or a part-time employee in Ireland
• You have medical expenses to meet
• You have recently married
• You are someone taking care of children or elders

The list goes on and on. So give us a call to know whether you will be eligible for a tax back under your living circumstances. Our specialists will be pleased to help you.

What kind of expense can be claimed for a tax refund?

Any expenses, if it is employment expenses, marriage expenses, medical expenses, tuition fees, or any other expenses; we can help you claim your refund on your expenses.

You can apply for a tax refund for the following expenses:-

• Expenses for students
Tax relief for third-level fees
Expenses for parents/guardians
• Expenses and reliefs for seniors
• Home carer tax relief
Married tax credit
• Housing tax credits and reliefs
• Employment tax credits and reliefs
• Start your own business relief
• Stay and spend tax credit
Medical expenses
• Income tax credits and reliefs following a death

Claiming your tax back with refund your tax

Overpaying our taxes has become so common that even make people think to forget about these different tax relief options available for them.

It doesn’t matter if you are an instructor, gym trainer, receptionist etc, as long as your employer deducts tax from your income, as long as you are a PAYE (Pay as You Earn) worker, you will be entitled to a refund of some of the tax paid. Having one of the highest average rebates in Ireland, we assist thousands of Irish PAYE workers to claim their tax back each and every year. Our PAYE tax refund experts will definitely help you to get back your overpaid money to your own pocket.

When you are with Refund Your Tax, you are experiencing the best tax services in Ireland with lowest of the costs that you could imagine. Our equation is pretty simple and straight forward; if there is no refund, no fee will be charged.


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